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1/4 inch Bonsai Lava Rock Maroon / Red. 2 Quarts (115cu in) 2.5 Pounds Top Dressing

Bonsai Tree Lava Rock Soil Additive, ¼ Inch, Sifted, Washed, Dried And Bagged Aggregate, No Fillers Or Artificial Coloring, Ships From USA

Material : 1/4 Inch Lava Rock Color: Maroon Bag Size: 2 Quart Bag Volume: Net 115 cu in Average Size: ¼ Inch Minimum Size: 1/8th Maximum Size: 3/8ths Application: All Plants [...]

1/4 inch Bonsai Lava Rock Black. 2 Quarts (115cu in) 2.5 Pounds Top Dressing

Two quart bag of bonsai soil amendment. Ready to use! Bonsai Jack products are crushed, screened, rinsed, dried, accurately measured, bagged and shipped to your door. Components are tested for pathogens, PH, CEC(cation exchange capacity), bulk density, moisture retention, evaporation and nematodes. Bonsai Jack aggregates are used for many soil applications including bonsai, succulent, [...]

Basic Bonsai Soil From Buybonsai® 4 Quarts (1 Gallon) About 7 to 8 Pounds

Our own blend of Lava cinder rock, Composted fir bark fines, calcined clay. Aprox, 60% Aggregate, and 40% organic pine bark. This is what we use. 1 gallon, 7.5 POUNDS mixed at Buybonsai®

Product Features BASIC BONSAI SOIL MIXED BY US AT BUYBONSAI® FAST DRAINING Prevents root rot, Prevents over watering Aprox 60% Aggregate, [...]