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Coconut Coir Bricks – Coco Peat – Best Alternative to Peat Moss – Mix with Potting Soil – Coconut Growing Medium Good for Potted Plants, Garden, Planting Beds and Worm Farms – Coconut Coir Blocks Average Weight 10 Ounces (280 Grams) Each – 5 Pack


Convenient Small Bricks Great for Potted Plants or Container Gardens

Coir (also called Pith) is a 100-percent natural product from coconut husks. Coir is made of the coarse fibers extracted from the husk on the outer shell of a coconut. Because of its superior water holding capacity, excellent air space and drainage, coir is a useful soil amendment for potted plants, containers and gardens. Coir is a sustainable alternative to peat moss – it does not produce the same environmental damage caused by peat mining. In addition, coir is easier to hydrate and lasts longer in soil than peat moss.

Triumph Plant coir is conditioned for a neutral pH and low salt content. Lab testing yielded a pH of 6.3, salt (as sodium chloride) of 1,875 ppm, and electrical conductivity of 0.23 mS/cm. These measurements may vary some from brick to brick. Coir efficiently releases nutrients to plant roots and reduces the need to use dolomite lime in the garden. In sandy soils, coir helps keep nutrients and moisture close to plant roots instead of washing away. In clay soils, coir helps break up hard-packed earth, allowing the movement of nutrients and moisture through the soil.

Combining 1 part coir to 2 parts soil or potting mix containing compost, makes a superior growing medium for potted plants, outdoor garden or raised bed. Coir comes compressed as bricks, which makes for easy storage. To prepare a brick, add 4-5 quarts of water and soak for 10 minutes; then fluff it up, and it is ready to use. The final volume of the expanded coir will depend upon the amount of water used to hydrate it. By maintaining a consistent level of moisture and air and by being naturally disease and weed free, coir creates a perfect environment for starting seeds and cuttings. Coir is also popular in worm farming.

Product Features

  • Helps keep moisture in soil. Excellent for aeration and drainage. Mixes well with compost and nutrients to naturally provide eco friendly environment for roots to grow in containers, planters or beds. Natural sustainable organic alternative to peat moss.
  • Use for indoor or outdoor plants. Environmentally friendly pith is fine husk fibers from coconuts and can be used in greenhouses, landscaping, garden beds, individual pots, terrariums, grow bags, vertical gardens or container gardens on the patio. These compressed coco fiber blocks are a perfect growing medium and can also be used to start seeds or roots in a pot or planter.
  • Odorless, pH Balanced, Free of Bacteria and most Fungal Spores, low in natural salts, no weeds or pests.
  • Great bedding material for red wigglers and worm farms. Used for all types of plants including bonsai, cactus, orchid, roses, mushrooms, potato and hydroponics. Keeps nutrients and moisture close to plant roots.
  • Easy to use convenient size block: Soak in water to expand then mix with potting soil. Bricks range from 8 ounces to 13 ounces each and 10 ounces on average. Each brick holds 4 to 5 quarts of water, or 8 to 10 times its volume in water. Typical use is 2 parts soil to 1 part coir. A little goes a long way!

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Bonsai Boy Bonsai Tree Tire Swing

A fun and interesting accessory for your bonsai tree – The Bonsai Tree Tire Swing Add it to any tree to hang off a branch and give your tree some new design. The tire is an actual tire from a miniature Car and even has some tread. Looks great on almost any bonsai tree.

Product Features

  • Actual miniature car tire with treads just like your car tire.
  • Rope measures 4″ long.
  • Measures 10.0″ x 8.0″ x 4.0″.
  • Tire measures 1″ x 1/4″.

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National Tree Upright Juniper Tree with Green Round Plastic Pot, 30-Inch

The 30-inch upright juniper tree comes in a round green pot. Great for areas that otherwise could not support live plantings. No dirt, water or sunlight needed.

Product Features

  • For indoor or outdoor display
  • No need for dirt, water or sunlight
  • Resistant to animals and insects
  • Pruning never required
  • Great for areas that otherwise would not support live plantings

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Bonsai: An Introduction to Raising Bonsai Trees (botanical, home garden, horticulture, garden, landscape, plants, gardening)

Growing and Working With Bonsai Trees!

***Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now!***

This charming book contains many tips and strategies for growing and raising a Bonsai Tree. Perfectly suited for the beginner, this book clearly explains what you will need to know to care for and enjoy your Bonsai Tree.

These miniature trees have captivated people for over one thousand years. They are grown for their beauty and taking care of them is often seen as a meditative practice. You do not have to be an expert Bonsai Grower with many years of experience to reap the benefits of this ancient artform; Bonsai Trees are for everyone! This book explains the basics of Bonsai growing in plain language and will have you ready to care for your Bonsai in no time at all.

Inside you will find…

  • A Short History of Bonsai Trees
  • Traditional Bonsai Styles
  • Non- Traditional Bonsai Styles
  • An Overview of Different Species of Bonsai
  • Tips for Growing and Caring for your Tree
  • And Much More….

Download Bonsai: An Introduction to Raising Bonsai Trees! now, and start your Bonsai journey today!

Scroll to the top and select the “BUY” button for instant download.

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Your First Bonsai: A Beginners Guide To Bonsai Growing, Bonsai Care and Understanding The Bonsai

Your First Bonsai – A Beginners Guide To Bonsai Growing, Bonsai Care and Understanding The Bonsai

Would you like to know how to grow and care for a Bonsai tree? To many people, looking after a Bonsai is a mystery. I too started out as an inexperienced bonsai gardener many years ago and unfortunately, not many experts were around to help me with my first couple of growing experiences. Let’s just say they didn’t turn out as planned! I have written this book to aid you to grow your first bonsai. It will help you through the process, even if you do not have much, or any, prior knowledge about these wonderful miniature trees. We will look at picking the correct bonsai for your first tree, how to create the perfect environment for your tree, how to feed and water your tree, the tools you will need to help you in growing your bonsai as well the important tasks of pruning and repotting. Luckily, I spent some time searching for resources and slowly but surely I learnt how to grow a bonsai. Not perfectly at first, but the more I learnt, the easier it got. This book is designed to help complete beginners on how to grow, care for, and ultimately understand the Bonsai

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • An Introduction To The Bonsai
  • The Easiest Type of Bonsai To Grow For Beginners
  • Creating The Perfect Bonsai Environment
  • Feeding your Bonsai
  • Watering Your Bonsai
  • Pruning Your Bonsai
  • Bonsai Gardening Tools
  • Repotting Your Bonsai
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Common Bonsai Mistakes
  • Further Bonsai Resources
  • and much more!
  • Growing a bonsai is an incredible experience and a great source of relaxation. Get ready to enjoy it with me! Download your copy today to receive all of this information! Tags: The Art of Bonsai, Bonsai Care, Bonsai Watering, Bonsai, Bonsai Growing, Bonsai Tree, Bonsai Gardening, Bonsai, Bonsai Care, Bonsai Basics, Bonsai Tree, Bonsai Gardening, Bonsai Growing, Bonsai Watering, Bonsai, The Art of Bonsai, Bonsai Care, Bonsai Watering, Bonsai, Bonsai Growing, Bonsai Tree, Bonsai Gardening, Bonsai, Bonsai Care, Bonsai Basics, Bonsai Tree, Bonsai Gardening, Bonsai Growing, Bonsai Watering, Bonsai

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10 Japanese Red Maple Seeds Heirloom Acer Palmatum Bonsai or Landscape Seeds

Product Features

  • You might choose Japanese Maple trees as part of your overall landscaping design, but you need to make sure when planting that you make a few landscaping choices that ensure your Japanese maple tree grows healthy and tall. They are beautiful trees rich in color during season and hardy enough to withstand cold temperatures in the off-season, USDA zones 5-8
  • Location When selecting a spot in your yard for your new Japanese maple, you need to keep in mind that if you live in a cooler climate, you must choose a full-sun area. If you live in a hot climate, choose a light shade area. You also don’t want to choose an area that will expose the tree to harsh winter winds. Plant the tree where there will be adequate air circulation to avoid fungal diseases.
  • Germination tips: Soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours. Change the water, using more warm water, soak them for another 24 hours, change the water and soak them for another 24 hours. So that’s a total of 72 hours of soaking.
  • 2. After soaking, spread the seeds out in a row on a paper towel then fold the towel over top of the seeds a couple of times. Dampen the paper towel and place it in a plastic bag and place the bag in the refrigerator for 90 days, it is a good idea to write the date on the plastic bag. Do not allow the towel to dry out, after 90 days start checking on the seeds daily for germination.
  • 3. The seeds will sprout inside of the paper towel and you can pick them off the towel, or cut the towel around the seed. If some of the towel is stuck to the seed that’s fine, just plant the seed with a little towel stuck to it.

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Bonsai Tree Tool – Shear – Root Pruning Tool in Bamboo Box by Tinyroots

Our Tinyroots brand Root Pruning Shear offers superior precision and the ultimate in lifetime bonsai tools.

Old-world craftsmanship combined with modern technology results in the finest tools available with the aesthetic feel of a fine surgical instrument.

Comes complete with hand made bamboo storage box, with custom cut out to provide your tool protection for a lifetime. Also includes wearable, canvas tool holder with snap to keep your shear within reach while working on your Bonsai projects.

Tinyroots tools are top quality bonasi tools imported exclusively by and available only at Bonsaioutlet and fine retailers.
Dimensions: 180 mm
See Detail
Material: Master Grade Carbon Steel
Brand: Tinyroots
Model #: TR-06

Product Features

  • A beautiful classic “Butterfly” shaped Bonsai shear with belt holster and bamboo storage box
  • Tinyroots brand tools – Top quality at great prices
  • Tinyroots brand Bonsai tools, exclusively from BonsaiOutlet
  • Like all Tinyroots tools, satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed and carry a lifetime warrantee.
  • Customer satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed

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Stanwood Bonsai Tool Professional Grade Japanese Concave and Knob Cutters

The set includes: 8″ concave cutters and 8″ knob cutters. Both tools are designed for removing branches – live or dead. Concave cutters remove branches by leaving a small indented cut that heals with little or no scar. Knob cutters are designed for cutting out knobs from trunks and branches with minimal scars. To make Stanwood brand bonsai tools, we teamed up with two Japanese manufacturers that have a combined experience of over 150 years in making high quality bonsai shears. These tools are individually forged and adjusted to perfection by highly skilled craftsmen. They are widely used by Japanese bonsai club leaders and experts. All Japanese made Stanwood Bonsai Tools are covered by unconditional THREE year warranty.

Product Features

  • Professional Grade Bonsai Tools
  • Created by Japanese Master Craftsmen
  • Razor Sharp Cutting Blades
  • Promotes Rapid and Smooth Healing of The Cuts
  • 3-year Unconditional Warranty

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Hydrofarm HGBS400 40mm Bonsai Shears

Surgical stainless steel holds sharper edge longer, Right or left handed useUltra-light simplistic design, Ultra-light simplistic design, Ideal for cutting and trimming flowers. 40mm cutting capacity.

Product Features

  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Ultra light and ergonomic
  • Ideal for cutting and trimming
  • High quality springs

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Eve’s Bonsai Tree Starter Kit, Complete Do-It-Yourself Kit with 2 Year Old Starter Japanese Juniper

We have Bonsai Kits available for all budgets and levels of expertise. Be sure to check out our entire selection of Bonsai Kits exclusively designed, grown, and manufactured by Eve’s Garden, Inc.

Bonsai represents the artistic use of gardening techniques to develop a tree into a miniaturized version of its counterpart in nature. Bonsai is not a specific type of tree; rather many types of trees go through the gardening process of bonsai.

Our Do-It-Yourself Complete Bonsai Tree Starter Kit has everything needed to plant and grow a Bonsai. Bonsai is a great hobby that brings you balance of harmony and relaxation in the universe. Each Bonsai Tree Starter Kit comes complete with:

— Live 2 year old Starter Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree. Shape and style of tree may vary.

— Ceramic Pot. Approximately 4 inches in length.

— Bonsai Figurine (style may vary)

— Bonsai Training Wire

— Decorative Pebbles and Polished Stones

— Bonsai Potting Mix and Drainage Pebbles

— Drainage Hole Cover

— Bonsai Planting and Care Instructions

Tree should be planted within 2-3 weeks after receipt.

Japanese Juniper is one of the most popular trees for Bonsai because of its compact foliage and easy ability to train branches into popular shapes. Juniper Bonsai will live for many years with proper care. The Japanese Juniper is best suited for patios or outdoor areas with fresh air, good indirect sunlight, and moist watering conditions. The Japanese Juniper is cold-hardy and can withstand temperatures below freezing.

Attention California Customers: Your Tree will consist of a Dwarf Cypress Bonsai tree in replacement of the Japanese Juniper due to California Agricultural Restrictions.

Product Features

  • Complete Bonsai Tree Starter Kit with a Live 2-year old Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree ready to plant
  • Includes Ceramic Pot, Figurine, Training Wire, Decorative Pebbles & Stones, Potting Mix, Drainage Hole Cover, Instruction Guide
  • Ceramic Pot is approximately 4″L; Tree is approximately 5-6″ Tall with 4-5″ Spread
  • Japanese Juniper is the most popular tree for bonsai, Easy to shape and style, Outdoor Tree
  • State agricultural restrictions prohibit delivery of this tree to California or Hawaii

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