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Succulent Potting Kit. Ceramic Bonsai Clay Pot, Soil, Screens and Top Dressing. 16 Pot Colors

Designer Succulent Clay Potting Kit.

Great favors for weddings or events that require the same theme and pot type.

Kit includes

Ceramic pot (several styles to choose from). Suitable for 2-3 inch succulents.

3/4 cups of Bonsai Jack 111 potting soil

2 tablespoons of top dressing

2 drainage screens


  • Uniform shipments. This listing is not for an “assortment”. You will receive the exact pot and potting kit  as seen in the listing.
  • Quality glazed pot.
  • Professional potting soil
  • Attractive top dressing.
  • Professional packaging.
  • Available in lots of 1 or 6



Product Features

  • Complete repotting kit for 2-3 inch succulents. Includes ceramic pot, soil, top dressing and drainage screens.
  • Uniform containers. More than 10 pots to choose from.
  • Quality Bonsai Jack Soil
  • Available in lots of 1 or 6.
  • Professional Packaging

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Tags: Clay, Bonsai, Succulent, dressing, Ceramic, Kit,, Screens

Bonsai soil, Desert Rose bonsai, Money tree bonsai, Flowering bonsai, Beaucarnea, Bougainvillea bonsai. Organic controlled moisture formula potting mix, Blended to order. No pre-packs. 2.25 QUARTS

FORMULA 4 is a unique soil mix of 4 organic ingredients, specifically prepared for plants in pots and planters. The base material is washed cocopeat which has natural rooting hormones and good moisture retention properties. We add coco husk chip dust to separate the grains of cocopeat and discourage soil compaction. We also add crushed coco husk chips. The coco husk chips not only aid drainage but act as miniature sponges which reserve air and nutrients around the roots. Coco husk chips contain short strands of fibre which channel water around the roots to help eliminate dry spots. Finally, we add coco husk charcoal. This charcoal has never been previously used as another product, which may have contained chemicals or resins. It is also non-absorbent, so excess water flows harmlessly away. We blend to order so you are assured of fresh materials. We also blend by hand, so that we can visually check the consistency of the mix as well as feel moisture levels. Our horticulturalist has been supplying soil mixes to commercial growers for 16 years. You can have their confidence in our product. You can see a YouTube video about the creation of this product. Simply search for Smiling Worm You Tube.

Product Features

  • Particle based potting media
  • Moisture control formula
  • 4 Organic components
  • Nutrient free
  • Blended fresh to order

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Tags: Money, Desert, Flowering, Organic, potting, Bonsai, soil

Cheap! Original packaging Chinese toon seeds edible red oil toon potted toona sinensis tree seeds, natural vegetable seeds – 50 pcs

Quantity: 50 seeds/pack Brand: I want to sprout Packaging: Original package

Product Features

  • Original packaging Chinese toon seeds edible red oil toon potted toona sinensis tree seeds, natural vegetable seeds – 50 pcs

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Tags: Vegetable, Packaging, Potted, toon, Original, Tree, Seeds, Cheap, Edible, Natural

ADBINC Cheez Thailand Mini Kiwi Fruit Bonsai Plants Home gardening DIY

Fresh 300 Seeds

Product Features

  • Cheez Thailand Mini Kiwi Fruit Bonsai Plants Home gardening DIY
  • Fresh 300 Seeds

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Tags: Kiwi, Home, Thailand, ADBINC, Plants

Quality Brown Long Lasting Bonsai Training Wire Set of 3 Sizes – 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, Corrosion and Rust Resistant (32 Feet Each Size)

Quality aluminum wire of 3 popular sizes including 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm diameter. Around 32 feet in each roll, totaling over 90 feet. 3 rolls in a pack and save. Reusable and environment-friendly. Easy to manipulate.

Product Features

  • Quality Aluminum wire (Brown)
  • 3 popular sizes including 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm diameter
  • Around 32 feet in each roll, totaling over 90 feet. 3 rolls in a pack and save
  • Reusable and environment-friendly
  • Easy to manipulate

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Tags: Training, Each, Corrosion, Feet, 1.5mm, Brown, sizes

Ohuhu Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears Heavy Duty Garden Clippers Ideas for Cutting Stems, Branches, Shrubs and Hedges

Ohuhu traditional bypass pruning shears is an excellent professional helper of general pruning tasks. The blade is made of high-quality steel, which allows clean and precise cuts. It is ideal for cutting stems and light branch. After times use, you could replace the blade and spring by yourself with the spare parts. Specifications: -Product dimensions: 9″ x 2.75″ x 1.13″ -package dimensions: 11.4″ x 3.5″ x 1.18″ -product weight: 1.16 lbs. -material: Steel -package includes: -1x shears -1x blade -1x spring.

Product Features

  • Rust resistance, made of carbon steel and steel blade
  • Comes with one extra blade and one extra spring to alternate
  • Low-friction coating easily cuts through wood for clean and precise cuts
  • Maximum cutting capacity: 3/4 inch diameter
  • Long and PVC handle bring you comfort and non-slip when do the pruning tasks

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Tags: Ideas, Duty, Clippers, Traditional, Ohuhu

African Baobab Tree Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Graphic

The width is the same as the height, so when selecting your size, it will be the same in width as it is tall. Made from high quality adhesive vinyl that will last indefinitely indoors and has an outdoor rating of up to 10 years. Some decals may be in multiple sections due to the size of the design. Our vinyl graphics are easy to apply to any smooth surface. Put them on walls, wood, glass, tile, windows, canvas, ceramics, the possibilities are endless! These work on many different wall surfaces including textured walls. Your graphic will last indefinitely if you wish, or you can simply remove it when you are ready for a change. Our vinyl designs are easily removed although they can not be repositioned or reused. Application instructions are included with each order. Colors may vary slightly due to individual monitor settings. Our designs can be custom sized to fit your space requirements, just contact me if you need a different size.

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Tags: Vinyl, African, Baobab, Graphic, Sticker, Tree, Wall, Decal

Round Edge Cutter Beginner Bonsai Tools Multi – Function As Branch Cutter and Knob Cutter 175 Mm (7″)

To popularize the bonsai art, TianBonsai supplying the standard grade bonsai tools to the bonsai beginner, it’s material is 3Cr13, handmade by skilled worker from TianBonsai. About the 3Cr13 stainless steel, it contains 0.3% Carbon and 1.3% Chromium, after quenching treatment, it’s hardness is over HRC50. this grade tools also have nice quality and complete function. it’s popular price would let you have the nice tools for cross the threshold of the bonsai art easily.

Product Features

  • Material is 3Cr13 , handmade by skilled worker from TianBonsai.
  • Please choosing our tools safely, we offer the best Sales service. Normal usage within one year if the product is not up to standard, to ensure replacement, if your tools damaged by normal used, you just need to take a photo to us, a new item will immediately send to you without any expenses.
  • Hardness is over HRC50. this grade tools also have nice quality and complete function
  • The body of beginner bonsai tools be made by the intermediate technician, but the major function part were still made by the master craftsman from TianBonsai, E.G the cutter edge, so even be the beginner tools, you still can getting the nice user experienced when you use them.

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Tags: Round, Knob, Multi, Edge, Branch

Bonsai Tools Jtt-03 Bonsai Tweezers Stainess Steel Root Rake and Spatula Robust Very Firm and Durable Made By Tian Bonsai

TianBonsai Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturing company focusing on the creation of high quality bonsai tools. Our production facility is located in China. At TianBonsai we have the foremost trained craftsmen with a complete production line. Many years of experience have taught us how to make the best quality bonsai tools. We are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many famous brand bonsai tool companies. Besides the TianBonsai brand, we own Mu-Tian and Beginner Series brand. Since June 2013, we have established our own online stores at eBay, Amazon and Aliexpress. We now have acquired the trust of many bonsai enthusiasts around the world. Carrying on the management philosophy that the customer comes first, TianBonsai continues to improve the logistics of distribution and after-purchase customer service. We constantly consider your wishes so you have the best consumer experience possible. Our commitment is to bring to you the most reliable, durable and finest products achievable. We hope that our products increase your enjoyment of bonsai and together we can advance this ancient, elegant art.

Product Features

  • Good quality bonsai tools made by the senior technician from TianBonsai, have the nice quality and reasonable price.

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Tags: Jtt03, Root, Spatula, Durable, Rake, Robust

U-nitt Premium 4-pc Bonsai Tool Set Carbon Steel: with leather case

comes with heavy duty faux leather case; case measures 8.25 * 9.5* 1 inches; this 4-pc bonsai high quality tool set is made of carbon steel: fully inspected and lightly oiled; tools included are (from left to right): (1) 8.25″ concave cutter; (2) 8″ wire cutter; (3) 8.25″ knob cutter; (4) 7 1/2″ large cutting scissors; comparable to Japanese quality bonsai cutters. full money guarantee from U-nitt. For more information on products and customer service call U-nitt 812 251 9980 or visit

Product Features

  • U-nitt Premium bonsai tools
  • High Quality eqivalent of U-nitt 4-pc bonsai tools: comparable to Japanese quality
  • perfect for beginners and intermediate bonsaiers
  • full money back guarantee
  • made of carbon steel

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Tags: Premium, case, Carbon, Steel, Bonsai